Dance Academy Laxholm



Hans and Anne Laxholm are former European and World Amateur Champions. They were the first Danish dancers to become World Champions in the Standard Dances, and they went on to have a successful career, first as amateurs, and later on as professionals. After many years in the UK, Hans and Anne returned to their native Denmark, and in August 2004 they opened their studio, Dance Academy Laxholm.

Danish Champions 1975 - 1980
European Champions 1979
World Champions 1979 and 1980
Carl Alan Award Winners 1980

European Champions 1985
US Open Champions 1984/85/86
Runners-up at World`s, International, U.K., and British Open Championships from 1984 - 1988.
BDF Overseas Award Winners 2010


David Koglin receiving his Diploma in Ballroom Dancing at Dance Academy Laxholm

David Koglin receiving his Diploma in Ballroom Dancing at Dance Academy Laxholm


This education is a continuation of Guy Howard and Alex Moore’s technique books on ballroom dancing.  These books are the foundation of foot movement and step patterns.  About 30 years ago, Walter Laird developed body timing from foot timing in the Latin American dances.  These changes have not taken place in the Standard Dances until now.

It is a must that the student has mastered the teaching in the two above mentioned books (i.e. foot timing and pattern), before it is possible to continue into body timing.

If we accept that there must be a leader and a follower in ballroom dancing, then the social examination is not adequate.  Over many years, the trend seems to have gone in the direction of developing two people who could execute a set programme of choreography without the priority of leading/following.

This education is aimed not only at competitive teaching, but also at helping any dancer to make the transition either from a beginner to a competent dancer, or from a young talent to a knowledgeable dancer.

Time and place

Dance Academy Laxholm, Kongevejs-Centret 8, 2970  Hørsholm, Denmark
to be agreed between Dance Academy Laxholm and student


The course would normally have a duration of approx. 3 years depending on the student’s availability for lessons and self-study. Depending on the student’s ability/background, the duration may be cut to 2 years.

Upon completing an examination in each of the three categories, the student will gain a diploma.  A final all-round diploma will be awarded once all three preliminary diplomas have been achieved.

  • Timing
  • Body movement
  • Direction of movement



Lessons can be taken in modules of six, twelve or twenty-four lessons, each of 45 minutes' duration.  This enables the student to adjust and manage his / her schedule accordingly and obtain all diplomas.

Six lessons: 4.800 kr

Twelve lessons: 9.600 kr – payment in advance: 8.640 kr (10% discount)

Twentyfour lessons: 19.200 kr – if one payment in advance: 16.320 kr (15% discount)

Trial lesson: free of charge

Teaching materials

Based on the book:  'Further Education for Competitive Ballroom Dancing'
Based on the DVD:  'Past, present and future of ballroom dancing'
Both of the above will be given to the student free of charge at the beginning of the course.


The aim of the education is to teach the social dancer as well as the competitor how to make the transition from foot movement to body movement (i.e. from using the moving leg to the standing leg), and the timing necessary to achieve that.  The education may of course also be taken by adjudicators of dancing, in order to help them to appreciate and recognise the qualities of a good dancer.